Beach Getaway West Auckland

Piha Beach & The Lion Rock

If you love the beach and love to surf, Piha beach is just the place. You can take surf lessons, go surfing, just relax on the beach, go the café nearby or go for a walk around the shore.

If you want to get a spectacular view of the beach and the city, climb the Lion Rock, the most iconic part of Piha that sits between Piha and the North Piha beaches of West Auckland.


Woodhill Mountain Bike Park

If cycling is something you and your partner do together, the popular Woodhill mountain bike park is 130kms of purpose built and well-maintained bike tracks with options for beginners and experienced cyclists.

They have man-made features that you can enjoy as you cycle along the track. If you don’t own a bicycle, you can even hire one! There are guides to help you with what tracks to choose, pro shops and cafes that you can stop at, for a break or after cycling for a coffee and some good food.

This track is one the most popular ones in West Auckland.


Waitakere ranges

The Waitakere ranges of West Auckland is popularly known for its innate rainforest, gorgeous coastline and surf friendly beaches.

You can visit the Waitakere parklands in the Titirangi village that inhabits rich flora and fauna and is spread over 16000 acres of forest. A long walk or trek to choose from a 250km range of paths offers serene waterfalls, spectacular views and rocky outcrops.

You could also stroll through the Titirangi village and see some Kiwi art, visit one of their boutique wineries or explore more about the ranges with a guided tour. The Titirangi village is quite popular among travelers in West Auckland.


Weekend getaway at West Auckland’s Warbles retreat

A weekend away from the city with a hop, skip and jump is the Warbles retreat which is just minutes away from Auckland. It is secluded and private and offers cottages and the recommended self-catering Keruru suites. You can soak up the magic under the stars in the relaxing fresh water spa, wander around the landscaped gardens, enjoy the waterfalls, go for a walk or watch native NZ birds. You can even spot glow worms late in the night.


Kumeu Wine Country

Vineyard - West AucklandIn the mood for some great wine and cheese? Drive up to the heritage wine region of West Auckland, the Kumeu wine country. Some of these best-known vineyards have been around since 1930s and there are other boutique artisan winemakers as well in Kumeu. You can choose from quaint cellar door experiences, food and music festivals, special events and summertime jazz.

The Awa Valley Vineyard has a unique setting just 20 minutes from the city and has been around since 1970 and has free tastings, picnic amongst the vines, BBQ and tours around the vineyard. Their specialties are Chardonnay, Pinor Noir, Merlot, Malbes and Cabernet Franc.

Set in a serene surrounding, Coopers creek is a family owned winery in West Auckland that has its artistic characteristics. It offers landscaped gardens that you can walk around, wood-fired barbecues, outdoor chess and petanque. Best of all, its free of charge!

Rolling Green Hills

If you are feeling adventurous enough, you should try the Tree Adventures rope courses and flying foxes, go mountain biking, surfing, house trekking, or play a good old game of golf at the Rolling Green Hills in Kumeu. The great Kemeu area of West Auckland also has some amazing walking tracks that you could explore in to or you could go down to the black-sand surf beaches.


Kumeu – Tasting Shed

Set in a rustic-chic space right next to a patch of vineyards, this restaurant serves multi-cuisine food from Croatia, Serbia, Italy, France, the Middle East and Asia. The seasonal and globally influenced food is delicious and designed to be shared, so its ideal for you and your partner. The restaurant has different spaces that you can choose from, the living room, the shed, the grotto and the living table, which is both indoors and outdoors. So, if you are looking to enjoy a glass of wine, some amazing food and a great view, you must try this place.


Avondale Sunday Market

The Avondale Sunday Market in West Auckland is the perfect way to turn your weekend grocery shopping into a relaxed Sunday morning escapade plus you get to save lots of money too! This multicultural market has a whole range of things you could explore into, like fresh fruits, veges, seafood, exotic herbs and spices, food stalls from the European and Asian continent, arts and crafts and clothes.

So, you could pick up things for a recipe that you want to try for Sunday night dinner, buy some vintage or antique bits and pieces for your house or simply try the delicious Samoan banana pancakes.


Freshwater Farm Cottages, Waitakere West Auckland

A secluded rural setting just 30 minutes from Auckland city offers farm cottages overlooking vineyards in a French country setting with self-contained courtyards, beautiful lighting and a luxurious bath. The recreational forest walks, tree adventures, wineries and cafes, and the rain forest train experience are perfect for a long weekend away in West Auckland from the city noise.

Juicy New Zealand Strawberries

Mouthwatering sorbets and creamy ice-cream in generous portions makes this a go-to place if you are in Kumeu. Their signature is the strawberry flavoured ice-cream as the name suggests. They also have a range of rich smoothies, meringues and coffees. Comfortable bean bag chairs and some good music makes this a great place to go to for dessert. Make sure to go here if you are ever in West Auckland.

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