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Summer is here! Are you and your family planning for a vacation or spending the holiday at home during the Christmas & New Year break? It does not matter if you spend the holiday indoors or outdoors; electrical hazards are everywhere. Keep your summer rolling with these safety tips from your favourite Auckland electrician!

Tips for staying safe outdoor

You and your family may spend more time outdoors on warm weather days. There are lots of potential electrical hazards like unfinished wiring cables or exposed electronic parts so you should be aware of the surrounding environment and prepare for any bad situation.

Using outdoor extension cords 

There are outdoor extension cords specially designed for outdoor purposes such as camping or having a barbecue in the garden. They can cope with both heat and water safely.

Always stay away from power lines and electrical substations. 

You should keep at least ten feet away from overhead power lines. If you see any hanging power line, don’t hesitate to contact the power company to de-energise it.

Aware of lightning.

Please make sure you go inside at the first sign of thunderstorms to avoid lightning strikes. Summer storms can come quickly without warning. Therefore, immediate actions can save you from getting an electric shock.

Tips for staying safe indoor

Some other day, you may feel incredibly hot, so you decide to turn on the air conditioner to enjoy refreshingly cool air indoors. Don’t let electrical accidents ruin your summer! 

Be careful with water and sweat.

Water acts as a conductor, which can facilitate deadly shocks if it contacts an electronic device. Summer is hot, and you may sweat a lot. Make sure your hand is dry before plugging in or using any appliances.

Never use extension cords for big appliances

Even though extension cords are a significant convenience for plugging in TVs or fans, extension cords cannot always handle big appliances like washing machines or air conditioners.

Tips for protecting your beloved nest

Are you planning a long trip to the beach with your family and friends? Or are you planning to hit a road trip to visit your relatives? If you are away from your house in Auckland for an extended period, you better put more care into your empty beloved nest. Here are some tips for you to prevent any power surges, electrical fires, and criminals.

Unplug any appliances that will not be in use

During the time you are away, you should unplug all appliances. Unless you have some food in the fridge that must be kept cold, you can turn off your circuit breaker for the whole house.

Do not leave your lights on 

Even if you want to leave the lights on to prevent break-ins, it might not be a good idea. A house with lights 24/7 is similar to a dark house, and it is just telling the robber that you are away. Moreover, overheating from lights can cause electrical fires, and you may not want to burn down your home. Instead, you can invest in some lighting systems that can be controlled by your phone, or you can set it to turn on at a specific time.

Invest in an alarm system

A battery-run alarm system with motion sensors can give your house an extra layer of security. You won’t have to worry about electrical fires. Besides, if any people trying to get close to the house, these sensors can be the first line defence which can discourage them from break-in


Fire alarm security

An alarm system can prevent fire accidents and add an extra layer of protection to your house

Tips for protecting your kids

Kids are energetic, and they are always tempted to explore things they don’t know. Even if you have warned them about the danger of electric shocks and fires, they may still want to test it out themselves. Here are some valuable tips that we suggest to keep your kids safe this summer.

Don’t let your kids play near an electric booth

Spending a day outdoors can be a fun activity for your kids but it is too dangerous if there is an electric booth nearby. Make sure you keep your kids away from those places.

Don’t let your kids play with a charging phone or laptop

Some electronics explode while playing with electrical devices that are still charging. Overheating can cause huge damage to the device that can cause serious injuries.

Don’t leave your kid alone

Power sockets attract kids. If you lose sight of them, they may find some stick to plug in the socket. Don’t let that happen; some metal can create a deadly shockwave and harm your children.

What to do if someone gets electrocuted

If the accident has already happened, you must know a few things to save that person. When a person is in shock, the person’s organs are not getting enough blood or oxygen. This can potentially lead to permanent organ damage or even death if untreated. Here is the guideline for you:

When you see someone being electrocuted, quickly turn off the power if the electrocuted person is still attached to some energy source. Use a wooden stick to lift the electric wires away from the body. But, you should avoid moving the body with your bare hand. Call 111 as soon as you see someone get electrocuted. 

If the ambulance cannot come right away, you should be the one who does CPR. Firstly, you must loosen tight clothing and cover them with a blanket to prevent chilling. Next, you can begin CPR if there is no sign of breathing, coughing, or moving. Turn the person onto one side to prevent choking if the electrocuted person vomits or starts to bleed from the mouth.


If you have some other questions about electrical safety and how to prepare your home for summer usage, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our Auckland electricians will be more than happy to give you advice and fix any electrical issues you might have. Stay safe and enjoy your summer break!


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